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It is understood that engaging with Iowa Family Counseling via the website, blog, or social media accounts does not indicate the established therapeutic relationship with Iowa Family Counseling. This includes, but is not limited to the sharing of posts, commenting on blog or social media posts, and direct messaging via social media accounts. 


Contacting Iowa Family Counseling and/or it's therapists or staff via social media or email does not indicate that a therapeutic relationship has been established. Additionally, being placed on the Iowa Family Counseling waitlist for services, does not indicate that a therapeutic relationship has been established.

A therapeutic relationship is only established by seeing an Iowa Family Counseling Therapist at the Iowa Family Counseling office, via a scheduled, secured teletherapy session, or at an established school-based setting. Prior to your initial session with a Therapist, appropriate consent forms and client information will need to be completed and signed. Iowa Family Counseling staff will provide the necessary forms.


If you are in need or interested in taking part in direct therapeutic services, please contact your insurance provider’s customer service for assistance. You may also visit to “Find a Therapist” in your area.


The content on Iowa Family Counseling's website, blog, and social media are for marketing, advocating, and educational purposes only. Iowa Family Counseling, LLC or any of its associated counselors' social media pages, blogs, or websites are not psychotherapy, a replacement for psychotherapy services. Reading, viewing, or otherwise engaging with the online presences of Iowa Family Counseling does not constitute having a therapeutic relationship or serve as a replacement for therapy services, medical care, or mental health care. Iowa Family Counseling's social media presence is not a request for a rating, endorsement, or request from previous or current clients. No social media content or posts should be considered professional advice, as this information is for educational purposes only.


Clients, past and current, have the choice to like, follow, comment, re-post, direct message, and engage on social media with counselors, but this should be done at their own risk and with the understanding that this is a risk to their privacy and confidentiality. Commenting and messaging between session times are not confidential or encouraged, as they are not appropriate means for addressing crisis, questions, or concerns with your therapist. Please schedule an official session with your therapist to discuss any treatment questions or concerns. 


In order to honor professional boundaries and not engage in dual-relationship, previous and current clients will not be followed or friended on social media by counselors on all social media platforms.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or in the case of an emergency, please seek out your nearest emergency room or, if in the U.S., call 911. In the case of a non-life-threatening crisis, click here for mental health and hotline resources.




Iowa Family Counseling is proud to offer educational presentations, seminars, workshops, and programs within the community. Enrolling in or attending any informational or educational programming offered through Iowa Family Counseling does NOT constitute the establishment of a therapeutic relationship with Iowa Family Counseling or any of its therapists or providers. The information provided through our informational and educational outreach program is meant to provide general information and ideas and is not meant to serve as psychotherapy services or as a replacement for psychotherapy services. Therefore, the information provided will be general in nature and the relevance or application to individuals is not guaranteed. The information provided through our educational programming is reviewed for accuracy and relevancy, however, research and knowledge may change or evolve over time. Iowa Family makes its best effort to provide up-to-date and accurate information through its informational and educational programs.


The purpose of Iowa Family Counseling is to provide general mental health cares services in-person at their office or in an established school-based setting, or via a scheduled, secured teletherapy session. Iowa Family Counseling uses social media, blogs, and website information to help further its mission of supporting children and families with genuine, empathetic, and collaborative mental healthcare across rural Iowa. Our website, blog and social media accounts are open to the general public and serve as informative, motivational, and encouraging resources only. Materials shared on the website, blog, or social media have been reviewed and our best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy and appropriateness of all information. However, science, research, and knowledge are continuously changing and evolving. Thus, Iowa Family and its clinicians and staff make no warranties in regards to the current accuracy, appropriateness to specific individuals or completeness of the contents and materials associated with its blog or social media content.


By accessing and utilizing, the Iowa Family Counseling blog, or Iowa Family Counseling social media, in any manner, automated or otherwise, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Services. 


The content on Iowa Family Counseling's website, blog, and social media are for marketing, advocating, and educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to use your judgment and discretion regarding the information and tips in this blog. Thus, you take full responsibility for your actions/choices if you apply ideas contained in

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